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                The way of keeping good health of China

  Our busy modern everyday lives produce many stressors in our bodies. Simply driving your car every day and normal everyday working activity, our bodies are in an extreme state of fatigue. We feel body aches and fatigue, especially while many of us are engaged in the use of computers on a daily basis, which causes neck and shoulder muscle stiffness discomfort and pain.  Most of us choose to rest or try to relax to relieve the stiffness, discomfort and fatigue.

If not treated properly, lesions accumulate inside our bodies, and if left unchecked our bodies will get sick. For example, long-term neck nerve pain can cause headaches, ringing in the ears and sleep disorders.  So, from health perspective, the body needs routine maintenance just like a car needs the oil  change. Acupoint, through Reflexology, provides the body and joint maintenance through dredging or flushing he bodys meridians (pathways); allowing our entire body to be relaxed and energized.  As a result, we feel comfortable, relaxed and able us to have a truly healthy physique.

How can we do this? We use traditional Chinese foot, hand and ear reflexology techniques and by using special tools that assist our bodies in dredging the body’s meridians.  There are twelve such meridians in our bodies.  Meridians can be compared to an energy highway in our bodies.  Energy flows through these meridians.  Each meridian has an acupuncture point.  If the energy highways are not dredged occasionally, the body’s energy becomes blocked or slowed.

If you are concerned about your health, if you really want to avoid poor health, please join us.  We will give you very professional service.