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E.The body meridian


The body meridian

There are total 14 human meridians and 361 meridian points.

1. Full Sun Bladder Meridian: There are 67 bladder Meridian Points on each side, a total of 134.

Conditioning illnesses: respiratory system, digestive system, the genitourinary system, insomnia, back pain, sciatica and arthritis.

2. Foot Jue-Yin Liver Meridian: There are 14 Foot Jue-Yin Liver Meridian points on each side, a total of 28.

Conditioning illnesses: the reproductive system, Hematology, stomach pain, head pain, dizziness.

3. Foot Gallbladder Meridian: There are 44 Foot Gallbladder points on each side 44, a total of 88.

Conditioning illnesses: Hematology, craniofacial facial illness, colds, fever and sore throat.

4. Hand Shao-Yin Heart Meridian: There are 9 Hand Shao-Yin Heart Sutra points on each side 9, a total of 18.

Conditioning illnesses: cardiovascular disease, mental illness.

5. The full moon spleen meridian: There are 21 full moon spleen points on each side, a total of 42.

Conditioning illnesses: digestive, gynecological, male and unexplained whole body aches.

6. Hand Yangming Large Intestine Meridian: There are 20 hand Yangming large intestine points on each side, a total of 40.   Conditioning illnesses: respiratory, craniofacial disorders, trigeminal nerve, cervical spondylosis, pruritus and neurodermatitis.

7. Hand Sun Small Intestine Meridian: There are 19 hand sun small intestine points on each side 19, a total of 38.   Conditioning illnesses: facial, lumbar sprain, back pain, stiff neck and insomnia.

8. Hand Lunar Lung Meridian: There are 11 hand lunar lung point on each side 11, a total of 22.

Conditioning illnesses: respiratory and facial.

9. Foot Yangming Stomach meridian: There are 45 stomach points on each side, a total of 90.

Conditioning illnesses: gastrointestinal disorders, infantile diarrhea, stomach pain, gastritis and Craniofacial disorders.

10, Pericardium Meridian: Pericardium points located on the left and right through 9, a total of 18.

Conditioning diseases: cardiovascular disease, myocardial ischemia, nausea, vomiting, shock.

11. Foot Shao-Yin Kidney Meridian: There are 27 foot Shao-Yin points each side, a total of 54.

Conditioning illnesses: urogenital system, craniofacial disorders, indigestion and so on.

12. Hand Shaoyang Triple Burner Meridian: There are 23 Shaoyang points on each side 23, a total of 46.

Conditioning illnesses: facial, constipation and neuralgia.

13. Du Point: There are 28 points in the Du area.

Conditioning illnesses: spine, lumbar muscle strain, pediatric dyspepsia, cholecystitis, headache and stroke.

14. Any Maixue: There are 24 points located in Point Conception Vessel.

Conditioning illnesses: urogenital system, digestive system, insomnia and chest tightness.


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