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The hands


The hands

The palm, like the foot, is covered with and closely linked with human organ meridian points.  For example, when an illness occurs in the body, the corresponding part of the palm will change. A further advantage of the hand area is that the it is like a mirror, allowing you can manage by observing hand Chi (energy flow or life force), color and shape changes, you can monitor organ conditions and resolve the problem.

 Overall, the hand is the epitome of inverted human roots from palm to palm, the human equivalent of the neck and torso, reflection of the chest, abdominal cavity, and health of various organs.  The thumb and little finger represent the upper limbs.  The index finger and ring finger represent the lower extremities. The middle finger represents the head, face and facial features. The back of the hand and the side of the hands represent the back of the body and the joint extensor side of the limbs, respectively.  By examination of the color, texture, dents and other changes in different regions, you can diagnose the illness with the corresponding organ and organ systems of the body.


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